Cambridge Grey Silk Stripe Curtain

I would buy these curtains time and time again. They are true Black Out curtains!! These curtains do exactly what they are supposed to do, block light. i receive lots of compliments on these curtains. I purchased a pair of blackout curtains for my windows at a sale price. I am returning these only because i needed a darker brown. Do you want to wake up completely disoriented and unable to tell if it’s midnight or noon? Color was a little different than I had originally seen on the website, but still wonderful curtains. And they are very pretty.. We want it to block the afternoon sunshine and make the room dark enough for watching movie. Most blackout curtains are stiff! The beige is more taupe but that was perfect for me. So, I took the plunge and ordered these curtains for 4 bedrooms in Navy, Chocolate, Burgany & Olive whilst keeping my fingers crossed. The grommet top works well in our situation, as we like the curtains open during the morning, and close them before the afternoon sun begins shining into the room. The color was perfect. It is hard to find ready made draperies that are lined & interlined in extended lengths. I’ve been searching for perfect curtains to fit my dining room whose walls are partially covered with wall paper in tones of gray, old gold, taupe and light beige. The only thing I was disappointed about was the fact that upon receiving the package the curtains have a company website listed that offers better pricing and promotions. They fulfill this purpose in a very attractive way. They are comparable in appearance and quality to a panel set in another room that were far more costly. Like them so much I’ve ordered another color to have on my slider for spring and summer. I made it close to a year with no blackout blinds or curtains and could not do it anymore. My husband who is particular about blocking morning light in the bedroom and the quality of a product, loves them. love the grommets- modern insulated curtains. I bought these in the olive green- the color and fabric are fantastic and they completely block any light. so cozy, makes my bedroom feel warm and sexy! These curtains were a great buy! I was very pleased both with there ability to block out light and to reduce noise since the room I have them in is a tiled sun room. However, the best deal is they are attractive and the fabric is heavy and hangs nicely. The only thing I would change is that the grommets are a bronze color–would have preferred a brushed nickel or chrome. Some of the stitching is a little ‘off’, but a great buy for the $$. Love the fact that they can be machine washed and because they are the same material on both sides they look good from outside as well as inside. They’re hanging and I really do like the curtains. the drapes are perfect for my kitchen door wall. We just bought a 100 year old house with really drafty windows and we know it will take a while to work our way through getting each one repaired. I love the feel and look of them. I spent alot of time looking at thermal curtains both in store and online and couldn’t find anything that got good reviews or didnt feel like a mattress. If you want your bedroom DARK and cool, I personally think these are great. The curtains do hang right out of the package and I did think I would have to iron them but it was unneccessary.

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Bristol Silk Stripe Curtain

I bought another pair in a color I like for my drafty home office and I’m also going to get some for my bedroom. Beautiful These look beautiful in my living room! I went back and ordered another set b/c I have a huge window and forgot that the curtains would gather b/c of the rings. I have looked for quite a long time for grommet-topped blackout curtains that are also beautiful, and these are perfect. Overall, worth the investment. My partner was thrilled with this since he has to work some nights and this allows him to sleep in comfort no matter what time of day.The fabric has a nice hand and hangs nicely from the rod. There is some light that comes through at the very top. I initially thought they were too expensive, but given the quality, they are a good value. Very nice curtain panes – just as described. These panels do an excellent job of blocking out the light. These are beautifully made curtains. Arrived promptly, easy to hang and look great. Can be slided as they come with fabric loops on backside. Nice feel to curtains; they hang very nice and block out the light very well. They are not very decorative–they are truly solid without a pattern, but they do the job. Very happy with my purchase. I really like them. These curtains have added color and warmth to my bedroom. Not bulky at all. When I opened them, I put them in the dryer with a WET towel for about 20 minutes and got the wrinkles right out! Came out of the package looking good and are really blackout. We got the sky blue curtains. When closed, they do keep the light out. Looks great and blocks out the sun wonderfully. Our windows in the apt are like cardboard. These curtains were a great value.

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Brighton Blue Silk Stripe Curtain

COMBINING TWO CURTAINA GAVE IT A CLASSIER AND MORE TEXTURED LOOK WITH THE ADDED BENEFIT OF THERMAL. I ended up returning them as they were not the color brown I wanted. We love these curtains. Better yet, we needed more panels and, a year later re-ordered, and received the identical curtains with perfectly matching color. Well made rings along the top make for easy back and forth sliding on the curtain rod. They block a lot of light, but definitely not “blackout.” They look nice and don’t wrinkle. That being said, I would recommend them with a warning – the drapes are not all the same length. Ordered these for the bedrooms of a beach house that gets the total afternoon sun and these curtains were the perfect solution to help with keeping out light and helping cool down the room. everything I expected when I ordered. I would have been happy had they been a little bit wider, but they do cover what they say they do and I am pleased with how they look. I bought them for my very bright nursery and they block the light perfectly. I hung them in a way that the difference is slightly noticeable. The reason I’m give so much detail in my discriptions if because most of the items on eshop do not give you enought info. They block a lot of light and the fabric is soft and drapes well. Shipped very quickly, as is always the case with eshop and I found them to the be about 40% cheaper than the closest comparable panel pair. The photos do not do the curtains justice. They arrived 3 days later on a Tuesday. We installed them and two days later all the packing wrinkles had disappeared. I have a lot of blue, burgundy and tan. are all symmetrical and sewn well but it’s better than what i would have produced 😉 I was very pleased when these curtains came back into stock. Not great for my daily productivity, but outstanding for my much needed sleep. These were the perfect color (cardinal red) I hung them then steamed them they look beautiful in my living room. You can’t beat the quality for this price! Also, most curtains come in 84″ & I needed the 63″ length. Couldn’t ask for more! Delightful. Insulated the drafty windows in college apt. Excellent product. It’s a lot more shiny than what the picture (lack of picture) shows- and the fabric could easily snag – it doesn’t even feel good to touch it. The color was what I expected, but that was the only thing. Good heavy duty black out curtain! They work great and my daughter is very happy with them. Worth every dime! These are really nice. These curtains can fit on a 2.5 -3 inch flat rod in case you were wondering too. They look great in our bedroom. I’m getting them for ALL of my bedrooms. It didn’t get hot during the day when I kept them closed, and at night the room stayed just a comfortable average temp. They were cheaper than buying blinds and look AWESOME!

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Brighton Grey Silk Stripe Curtain

I live in a high rise that has a view to the south and east. These curtains are heavier than what I had so I will be purchasing new rods to support them. I love these curtains! Curtains were different lengths, grommets in different positions. I bought these curtains for my son’s room because I wanted something that would make his room dark at nap time and these are GREAT! Unlike other thermal curtains, there is no white rubber backing that makes the fabric stiff. I must say however, they make a beautiful addition to my living room – really brightening up the space. I used four panels to cover sliding glass doors (patio size) in a bedroom that faces east. I ordered three sets in chocolate brown and the color was right on to what was on the website. These curtains hang nicely, and help to keep our theatre room dark. Block light and make our living room warmer since we don’t lose as much heat through the windows. Now she can sleep until the alarm goes off. In fact, after I ordered one I turned around and got two more for the other bedrooms. Very pleased, very very nice! A great find. These are the best curtains I’ve ever purchased. From day one, I am very happy with these curtains. Curtains were everything I expected and more!!! I think they will last for years-I am VERY happy with them! I just received the drapes today and they are more green than blue which does not really coordinate with my bedroom color scheme. They also block out the sunlight from her East facing window, which should help her (and me!) get some extra sleep in the morning. These have worked well for temperature control. I Just Opened The Packages, Popped Them Into The Dryer On Low Heat With A Damp Cloth And They Came Out Wrinkle Free!!! Definitely made a difference in my room. I could not be happier with this purchase – unless of course, they had been free!! We’ve had some really cold temperatures over the last week – less than zero with high winds – yet with the drapes closed I could feel no cold air on the room side and when I opened the curtains in the morning there was condensation on the window. Advertised as soundproof….not so sure about that, but yes they are definitely very efficient at blocking out light! Keeps the cold out and look elegant. This is the second pair I bought (for a second window) in the same beautiful, light blue color. They do the job of blocking out light well. Since I knew what to expect, I was pleased with the color. I suffer from a painful nerve condition, and the new drapes helped cut the cold winter air from entering the room -I’m sure the electric bill will be down this next month too! always get them wider than your window. Since we both work 3rd shift, the blackout works great for us. It’s a little drab, but the curtain quality is very good, drapes well, and blocks out cold and light like a dream. Had to steam press a few folds out of them but they do darken the room and insulate as well. We ordered the brown. I recieved these curtains just a couple days after ordering them. I have not washed them yet, so not sure how they will hold up.

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Cambridge Cream Silk Stripe Curtain

Great price. But it’s working!!! I know I’ll love them in the new color. Thank you, eshop! The wrinkles from the packaging were minimal in my curtains and came right out upon hanging them. 63″ covers windows and allows for a bench to fit underneath, also the animals can’t reach the curtains! I would have to say these are the most awesome drapes I have ever owned. They were a good value. The color was true to the picture. These curtains were everything I hoped for.They really do keep the cold out and I expect they will keep the heat out in the summer. These would be great over French doors. I wasn’t a drapery girl, but I needed something that was more cost effective than replacing my circa 1983 single pane windows. The one draw back. I found exactly what I was looking for. This was my third pair. They work just as well, look just as nice and are a lot less money. Not only do they look lovely, they do exactly as promised – block out the light. To remove the wrinkles that resulted from packaging, I just threw them in the dryer for about 10 minutes with a damp wash cloth and it worked perfectly. I probably will order another pair for a bedroom. I put them up very easily on all of our 2nd story windows.

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Zen Garden Black Embroidered Faux Silk Curtain

Secondly, they do NOT block out 99% of light. They blocked enough light, we don’t have a lot of lights outside of our bedroom, but were far more attractive. These are just individual preferences and they do seem like good quality drapes. I could not replicate for this price. If you want the curtains as black-out as possible, you must go with brown, black, or navy. (I need to get my ring fixed!) Everyone who walks in and sees them is very impressed, though. I purchased these curtains for one end of our home, we felt that blocking out the sun would help on our electric bills. These curtains are beautiful and hang neatly. So much that I’m purchasing another two sets for my slider. The turquoise color is very attractive and soft looking. I think they are keeping my bedroom warmer too! The package actually said the color was “gold”. I just wish they were a bit lighter in color. going across the middle of the curtain. A major selling point was the fact they are sold as a pair and another was the blackout lining on the interior. Color and quality were excellent for the price paid. It blocks the sun nicely for an afternoon nap or early morning sun and it is soft and not like the other kind I returned to Target which had some plastic behind it. The curtains themselves are lovely – a nice material, and the color matches the online picture perfectly (I picked the light blue – maybe that was my mistake?). In spite of the dirt marks though, they are a good value and I would consider buying another pair if I need them in another part of my home. They come two to a package, and even tiebacks are included. It compliments very well. I bought a set for my son’s room and another for my own bedroom and just LOVE them. And the chocolate brown color is fabulous!! I would not only recommend these but I plan to purchase tnese for two other rooms. I love them and now I am ordering more.. I wanted something that was functional, but didn’t take away from the decor. I bought these for someone else. Had to return. excellent blackout set. I had purchased (from another retail) curtains to use for the same purpose that I ordered from eshop. Will be buying more for other rooms! The navy or the best light blockers, but for a lighter color (pink), these do a pretty good job, too. I honestly wouldn’t mind anyone seeing these panels even in a doorway! They hang perfectly and are totally blackout. With west facing windows, blackout curtains were a must for a media room. They are very soft, extremely nice looking and hang so well. Overall a very good purchase The blackout curtains are awesome. The tiebacks are also an added bonus due to the fact most panels don’t offer that.Would purchase again in a heartbeat nice color. After I purchased these and did more shopping around, they were a little over priced.

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Romanian Iridescence Embroidered Faux Silk Swatch

They are not 100% black out, but are pretty close. They were creased when they came, but there were instructions to put the curtains in the dryer for about 20 min — and most of the creases came out and now that they’ve been hanging for a bit the rest have fallen out. Delivery was super fast.. I like the fact that they are the same color on the back as the front. I will recommend these panels to any of my clients who may need silk panels for any room in their home. Curtains block out light very well, grommet top is very easy to hang. They drape beautifully and look much more expensive than they are. Very happy with them. The room gets the hot afternoon sun and these keep it cool I needed something to block the sun from heating up our great room. I had been shopping for months in stores to find the best color and quality bringing some home and taking them back. Also just love the grommets…so easy to slide back and forth and they match my dark bronze rod perfectly. They arrived 3 days later on a Tuesday. I read many reviews on various sites for different curtains for my kitchen patio doors. I decided if I only used 2, I could also cover a second set of glass sliding doors on my second floor. They do a decent job of both though so I am pleased. Touched them up with a warm iron, and they look great! They feel more like suade than anything crinkly or harsh, as is usually associated with thermal or sun-blocking curtains. The curtains look great in the office! The texture of the fabric is very nice and they drape beautifully. Sun comes up right outside our bedroom window and now it looks just like another wall there because you can’t tell there’s a window behind them. They look more like a sheet of plastic than actual curtains and were very unattractive. They fit in to the decor of my log cabin perfectly. I’ve tried a lot of different blinds and curtains to cut the light from my neighbors night time outside lighting – these finally worked. I will order more for our guest bedroom. These curtains can fit on a 2.5 -3 inch flat rod in case you were wondering too. They drape well and feel silky, not nearly as heavy as other blackout options I’ve tried. The curtains traveled all around the country while I sat and waited for their delivery. Blocks out 99% of the light Then these are the perfect curtains for you. Having the room completely dark really does contribute to more restful, better quality sleep. I ordered these do to all the excellent reviews. I bought one set for a patio door that gets a lot of hot sun in the afternoon and it helps keep cool in summer and warmer in winter, I later bought more sets for every bedroom. The color is perfect… They appear to be well made, the hems were even, etc.Very good value compared to others I had looked at, considering the price.Also, thanks eshop for not charging an arm and a leg for shipping. Cons: (1) Not 100% blackout. Appreciate the quick service also. these curtains are perfect. The curtains are better than I expected. Allows some light through but an improvement over regular curtains. They are super easy to wash (wash in cold water and dry in a drying on low heat – NO MORE IRONING!

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Surrey Aqua Faux Silk Jacquard Curtain

Great if you happen to work nights! We love these curtains. They keep their room dark for naps & they’re not woken up early from the morning sun. Not these. I am what you would consider vampire when it comes to natural light in my house. When the sun is shinning directly on one side of my house you can barely see the outline of the window through the curtains. I read some reviews saying they had different lengths. The brown set keeps the light out so well that I almost need a night light to walk around in my living room. I would have given 5 stars if the color was what was expected. Feel expensive, not cheap in anyway. Color, material, price…perfect! We purchased two sets of these originally in chocolate and quickly realized the color was much too dark. Being that these are solid beige the whole way through, you’ll be able to see the sun filter through the fabric some, but we prefer that. Added bonus that these are machine washable! I have two other pairs of these curtains in the living room so this completes my sets. my son works shift work, i bought these for him as a Christmas gift. I ordered these curtains for my son’s room and am very pleased with them. The material feels luxurious! Can’t wait! They’re also a good material, same color on both sides, and a nice bright jewel tone. I just got them so I can’t speak for how well it controls temp, but I plan to buy more since they are soft. We love these curtains. We have had many compliments. I recommend them to anyone. I like them very much and they do a good job blocking 90% of the morning sunlight. Great buy! Quality appears good; however, coloring is significantly different than pictures. They are just what I expected. I am very pleased by the improvement they make here, both in atmosphere and in heat retention. I am a nurse working nights and need to sleep during the day. Good value! I absolutely love these curtains! At first I felt like these were a bit expensive for curtains, but now I am so satisfied and happy with my purchase! These are very heavy and definitely room darkening. The temperature in that room had been falling 5 degrees overnight and the radiant floor heat was taking most of the day to catch up. I consider them a great value for the money. But since some went behind the sofa, I put the shorter ones there. Color in the pic was not true to the color of the actual color of the curtain. Like another reviewer, I popped both panels in the dryer for 15 minutes with a damp towel to try and smooth out the wrinkles.

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Surrey Smoke Faux Silk Jacquard Curtain

Florida’s hot sun requires good window insulation, and these accomplish that, even in Florida’s winters the sun is still strong enough to overheat the house. They do what they say they will. You may have to iron or steam them out of the box because the wrinkles will not go away if you hang them. I would highly recommend these curtains. It is amazing the difference it makes. I bought them for my very bright nursery and they block the light perfectly. They keep my bedroom much cooler in the hot summer and my husband is finally sleeping My room looks fresh and inviting with just this one change. The fabric is much nicer than the description and looks great. These curtains are fantastic and block out at least 95 percent of the sun from my dining room! I was pleasantly pleased with my selection.eshop has come through one again. They truly darken as promised and keep the temperature of the room comfortable—-insulate very nicely! You can’t beat the quality for this price! As I don’t have these on all of the windows in my room, I don’t know how well they insulate. I do like the 2 process of hanging the curtains though!!! We also wish that they came in a 72″ length! Curtains are thick and look very nice. The warm red shade is very nice, making the room so cozy. The end of one of the tie backs came apart when I tried to use it — the string on one of the ends came undone. These curtains can fit on a 2.5 -3 inch flat rod in case you were wondering too. I refused to go back to the ugly drapes. We hung them on a double window, double rod (sheers underneath) with curved pullbacks attatched to the side at the sill. One of the best parts about them is that they are the same color on both sides, and there is no visible liner. These worked perfectly for me. Then I see the faint trace of light around the edges of the window. No light comes through the curtains. They are soft and flowy unlike other brands (stiff with rubber backing). It works better than I expected. I have them in dark brown and it is a rich color. When they arrived, I put them in the dryer with a damp towel to get out the wrinkles and then hung them. Don’t get me wrong, I love the curtains. The drape was a good match for the picture and description but on the spot where i wanted to try it, the color did not work. I like these curtains. Love these curtains! You put your hand about 1-3″ away from them and you can feel the temperature difference. I read a couple of a negative reviews, when people said that it’s feels and looks like cheap polyester, so was worried a little that it will look like shower curtain. They don’t do a whole lot for keeping heat in (or out), but they sure do keep the light out! They also help with the temperature. The only thing I did differently was not hang them by the loops provided.

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Zen Garden Chocolate Embroidered Faux Silk Curtain

They look very nice and they hang nicely. I was a little concerned about purchasing these curtains without seeing them first. My husband put up the brackets to hold the wooden dowel (from any hardware store) in the door frame. Much more comfortable now! Nice amount of fabric above grommet compared to others I have. I am very happy with these curtain panels. These are nice panels, they do a good job of insulating the windows and blocking light.I have them in my bedroom where there is a streetlight that blares into my window at night. Curtains block out light very well, grommet top is very easy to hang. They look great right out of the package, any folds fell out after hanging. I was not satisfied with these drapes. The curtains blocked light, matched color and looked great. The reason I’m give so much detail in my discriptions if because most of the items on eshop do not give you enought info. I took them out of the package, hung them directly on a decorative rod and the wrinkles fell out without ironing. These are beautiful. Unfortunately I ordered three pair and it will cost me a lot to ship them back. They are the same color on both sides of the curtain. I read many reviews on various sites for different curtains for my kitchen patio doors. No light come through the drapes. at night. Color is beautiful. These curtains are THE BEST!!! It is a tightly woven fabric that does not even let the Hawaiian sun in! Ordered the blue for my daughter’s pink/lavender room and wanted a third color to tie into with some baby blue pillows I found at a local store. When I received them I found they were much shinier than I had wanted and the texture was unpleasant to the touch. Insulated the drafty windows in college apt. Sun comes up right outside our bedroom window and now it looks just like another wall there because you can’t tell there’s a window behind them. I will buy more of these for my rooms, but will stick with the darker colors for maximum coverage. We got the pink ones which are a really great color, almost a rose color, and they really do block out the light. For something that cost a little more then what I was looking to spend they are worth every penny! I work the swing shift and they help me to sleep late. I am thrilled with these curtains. I ordered these curtains 2ce so I obviously liked them. at the time of purchase, 420 out of 425 had highly recommended these curtains. They slide easily on the spring loaded curtain rod, so I was able to hang them immediately. The curtains traveled all around the country while I sat and waited for their delivery. The curtains are easy to hang and look nice. I don’t think I would put them in a family room, but they are fine for a bedroom. These panels have a nice look and I wasn’t expecting much because they don’t cost a lot, but I am disappointed that they aren’t even all the same length. They really fold back neatly with a nice wave at the top.

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