Posted in December, 2010

Need a coach for a gospel sized ministry?

Dec 15

The author Walker Percy summed it up….America has a Christ-Forgetting, Christ-Haunted culture. And that goes for the church too. We are haunted by Christ in knowing things should be different in our lives, but don’t know what that really is much less how to have a different life – it is now forgotten just like a language or cultural skill or pattern of living is lost.

When was this lost? Dallas Willard believes it to be somewhere after the second great revival in America when individuals, pastors, leaders and followers began to preach and model a gospel that was reduced in various ways…so that now we are gasping and grasping for the ghost and shadow of a life we are still impacted by and yes, haunted with some reduced expectation of…but we have truly forgotten what it is in essence, no vision for the whole of it, or how to have it and therefore little intention to live it.

But thankfully this life is not like language or skill or cultural tradition…it is the life of the Spirit and God can raise up those who simply cry out to God for this life….and look for those in history…right in the scriptures who preach and model this and by the Spirit resurrect this life among us once again. An example…Paul prays LOTS…read his letters…he is immersed in scripture not for theological literacy alone…but for actual obedience and faith to do things supernatural, like love his enemies and hope for a way of life radically different in all aspects. If we were just able to pray and love like that again…our families and churches would see people flock to them. But are we willing to be transformed that powerfully? Over and over God has revived the church with a small group of individuals who took that dare.  Are you willing to take that dare?  Want to be coached to do so?  Let’s talk.

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